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Scopserv International Inc. acquires Mybys / Facilis Inc.


Montreal, January 25, 2023 - We are thrilled to announce in the beginning of 2023, the sale of Facilis Inc.'s assets to Scopserv International Inc. The past two years allowed Facilis to develop an innovative product, introduce it in emerging markets, and establish a sustainable business model. This transaction with ScopServ will allow for the partnering of synergies to drive the commercialization and technological development of Facilis's flagship product, Mybys.

In the next days, Facilis will be conducting personalized outreach to its clients and partners to provide clear and transparent communication regarding the benefits of this transaction. Including the continuity of operations, the establishment of a relationship with ScopServ, and the expansion of telecommunications service offerings.

« This partnership provides Facilis with the opportunity to reach new heights and align with a leading telecommunications company in Canada. We will benefit from ScopServ's twenty years of experience in technology development and its international distribution network. This will accelerate the recent expansion of Mybys into emerging markets, and allow for a quick and effective response to the needs of our clients and partners. »

-Anaïs Néron, President, Facilis Inc.

« ScopServ is delighted to welcome Facilis and its employees to its new offices in Boisbriand (Quebec). The Mybys and Webcall products will now be enhanced by a team of complementary visionaries ensuring a responsible handling of the current and future needs of Facilis's clients and partners. This transaction is beneficial for both parties as it allows ScopServ to offer its own partners a complete videoconferencing solution. ScopServ is enthusiastic and determined to drive this new product range to new heights within its ecosystem. »

-Denis Trépanier, President, Scopserv International Inc.

About Facilis Inc.

Facilis is a Canadian company based in Montreal and offers its local clientele conferencing services (local and IP access numbers), as well as its flagship product Mybys to its international clientele. Mybys is a web and mobile-based video conferencing platform.

Facilis offers Mybys under white label to offer its partners a customizable, value-added product in their portfolio. They can offer their customers a videoconferencing platform with their own branding, at an affordable price, and can also integrate it into their SaaS application as needed.

About Scopserv International Inc.

ScopServ is composed of a team of developers, telecommunications and information technology experts established in 2002, who continuously pursue the technological development of a VoIP-based business telephony PBX.

The commercialization of the flagship product SCOPTEL IPBX, a multi-tenant software, began in 2006 and since then ScopServ has been present worldwide with over 250,000 connection points in 57 countries.

ScopServ continuously invests in technological development to enhance its product and service offerings and add multi-channel communications in a user-friendly interface.


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