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Mybys is the ideal add-on to any phone or conference call. It allows end-users to instantly webcast their computer screen to anyone, anywhere. Its use requires no training and work habits don’t have to be modified.

Participants can use any screen to join and don’t have to download or install a software prior to the sessions. Mybys is astonishingly simple to use!

Top features

  • Interactive pointers

    Participants can use personalized pointer without having to download anything. Perfect for information sharing.

  • Presenter Switch

    All participants can take turns sharing their computer screen with others.

  • Remote Control

    If permission is granted, you can take control of a participant’s computer and provide technical support.

  • Shared Content

    Easy customization to share specific applications. Or just choose what not to share, for example, your email notifications.

  • Session Details

    See and share your meeting details to invite others with ease.

Save time and money!

Mybys - Screen Sharing

$ 7 .99 CAD/mo
$ 5 .99 USD/MO

*per user

  • Show your screen spontaneously to anyone

  • Switch presenter

  • Offer remote control

  • Annotations (pointer, highlighter)

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