Support and replacement for UCaaS | Facilis


WebCall is a hybrid audio conferencing system that allows participants to access a meeting using a computer microphone (via browser) or a smartphone.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging enables the instant exchange of text messages and files between multiple people using computers, tablets or mobile phones. It is very easy to use and highly secure.


Screensharing included. Two session modes, Meeting, allowing natural conversation, and Presentation, where only the host's webcam is shared.

  • High quality servers located in Canada

  • Cybersecurity and confidentiality

    ISO 27001 accredited

  • Service Levels

    Facilis maintains perpetually active all user licenses.

  • Technical Support

    Level 2 support to Identified IT department

  • Turnkey Solution

    The backup service is designed to be operated by your employees with a single click, using an action ribbon at the top of their screen. Our technical support team is there to help them if they need help or have questions.

  • One subscription for all

    One monthly subscription for your organization is enough. No license management, all your employees will be ready and won't lose precious time in case of an outage.

  • No training necessary

    Activated in one click, by all your employees. The instructions to be given to their collaborators, internal or external, appear in a window. Simply transmit them and that's it! In addition, the messaging system works continuously.