WebCall - Hybrid Audio Conference System for team | Facilis

Use Cases

Easy access to all participants regardless of their audio device

Computer, phone, mobile, tablet

High audio quality in all conditions

Low bandwidth, unstable or public Wi-Fi, no internet, unsecured networks

Perfect for customer interactions, important meetings, webinars


  • Available for all MS Teams licences (Personal, E1, E3)

  • Autonomous solution (accessible outside MS Teams)

  • Unlimited usage

  • Fixed Conference ID

  • Capacity of 250 participants (can be extended 1000)

  • Access through local land lines throughout North America (World coverage available)

  • Secure & ISO-27001 accredited

    List of accredited participants, password protected meetings, confidentiality...

Top Benefits

  • No more long distance fees

  • Fixed monthly fee with no hidden costs

  • Low-cost solution

  • Works in all internet conditions (even when no access)

  • Exceptional audio quality

  • Activated in a few simple clicks


2 .99 CAD/
2 .25 USD/

per animator

  • Affordable audio conference hybrid system

  • Works through MS Teams and also autonomously

  • Capacity of 250 participants (can be extended 1000)

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